Pics To Description Support



Could you add an option to use the current product description as a source of data for the new product description?

This is actually how the app works already: it uses product name, current description and image(s) as source data.

You can also select to keep the currecnt description as is and add the generated text either before or after the current description. Also replacing the current is description is of course possible.

Can I run the bulk operation to all products in a collection?

Yes. You can launch the bulk operation from Shopify product grid. To run operation for all products in a certain collectiondd collection to filters from Add filter -button.

First, add collection to filters from Add filters button.

Second, select desired collection and select all products.

Finally, launch the Pics to Description app from More Actions menu (three dots at the top right corner above the grid).

What pictures are used in bulk operation?

The bulk operation uses all of the product’s pictures.